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For reasons of stability and development we can not make all viewers totally compatible with our technology

That's why our choice is based on Firestorm viewer which remains the most accomplished on our grid and the best maintained open viewers

We only allow viewers Firestorm On Aria Grid.


Download Firestorm for Windows Here

Download Firestorm for Linux Here

Download Firestorm for Mac Here

Add the grid in Firestorm

Menu in start viewer: Avatar


Grid manager

in the white rectangle please type:


Ok in the footer of the page Manager Grids

Download the lasted version of Aria-Grid Simulator

The use of the simulator at home:

You are only allowed to use the Aria Grid simulator. If you use another one we can ban the ip from the simulator as well as your avatar and without restriction from us.

You can not rent paid land

You can not rent a sim

You can not use a money module

You can not use your regions for clubs!

Any illegal use of simulators will have the same design as above.

We bring no support for this type of simulator you are delivering to yourself, good luck!

Simulators for Windows/Linx/Mac Here